Your Reliable Partner In Business

Providing high quality advisory services that are the result of technical excellence and the commitment of our professionals.

Developing a deep understanding of our clients'' goals and their short and long term needs.

Working with our clients to create intelligent and innovative solutions that build long term value.

Introducing our clients to strategic partners who will assist them in increasing sales.

Developing the best strategy for our clients to be recognized in the financial markets.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Fast response and operation in all parts of China
  • German standard of service quality
  • Through our multi-lingual staff, communication problems between manufacturers and customers are significantly reduced.
  • Compared to normal Rep. Offices, the room rent, overhead expenses, income tax and so on, can be saved.
  • Support through the Hong Kong based Pylon Limited trading service is easily available

A Story Behind Us

  • ChinaGateConsult is in the center of a global sourcing network of independent trading companies and buyers.
  • ChinaGateConsult is the key point to your successful buying from China sources. We handle all inconveniences like languages and follow ups for you.
  • ChinaGateConsult is multilingual and you can communicate in English, German and Chinese with us.
  • Join the team as independent procurement office and send your inquiries directly to us.
 If you have regular business operation in China, but don’t have  an own office, we are glad to Share our resources with you as Business Management Center.
Talk to us and find the best solution for your success. Right now is the best time.
ChinaGateConsult Merger:
With effect of May 2013 the services of ChinaGateConsult will be merged into the Services of Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd.
The company is based in the same location as the previous office and will provide full trading and consulting services. Ningbo Pylon International Trade Co Ltd. is a foreign owned company with full import and export rights as well as domestic sales rights under China law.The trademark ChinaGateConsult will be further on owned by Pylon International Trade Co.Ltd. Looking forward to closely cooperate with our current and future clients.
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Get in Touch

ChinaGateConsult, Office 315-330-331, Zhong Shan Commercial Building, 121 Gong Yuan Road, HaiShu District, Ningbo 315 010, Zhejiang China, Tel +86-574-87281106 Fax +86-574-87282072, Email: 

ChinaGateConsult is a Pylon Co Ltd Company